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Client FeedBack

Jimi Hendrix Military Tunic – Tao from Australia required a new stage jacket and decided on our Hendrix theatrical style tunic based on Jimi hendrix 1960's black and gold tour. As a local Auzie band Tao wanted it quickly for some upcomming tour dates, he choose from our stock items. Tao said - The jacket is just the most amazing thing I've seen - my whole band will be so jealous as I'll be wearing up to our Brisbane gigs on the weekend. I think I will have it insured though as people might try to steal it. I'll recommend you to other musicians I know for sure. I also enjoyed watching it make it's way here through that link you sent, great stuff. It's been a pleasure, you're awesome. Tao.
The Boat That Rocked – Queenie from Canada saw our advert and decided this was the jacket for them. Queenie said - Leaves me speehless! Jackets of Rich Royal Quality! 3days to ship from UK to Canada!! Quality of materials, fabrics and stichings are Haute Couture! And 5*Transaction! Queenie went on to purchase a further jacket within days and has their eye on another.
Jimi Hendrix Military Jacket – Ata worked with us to produce a replica of the fashionable military style jacket worn by guitar Hero Hendrix the 1960’s. As a hard working Graduate Student, Ata wanted us to recreate the style of the jacket from photos sourced on the web and from posters within his Budget. Jacket was made to size and used 100% wool material with faux bear fur trim and metallic gold chevrons and braids. Ata said - It arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much for all your work. The jacket looks amazing. Loads of people are asking where I got it from too. Excellent! Thanks bud Ata
Simon Le Bon ‘Duran Duran’ Jacket – Geoff required a replica of the infamous military style jacket worn by Simon during the 1980’s. As a tribute cover band Geoff wanted us to recreate the style of the jacket from photos sorced on the web and from posters. Geoff said - Got jacket today and its fantastic. Fits great, maybe a tiny bit tight if anything but nothing to worry about. Excellent! Thanks Geoff
Hussars Tunic – Tom is a lead singer in a folk band his trade mark 18th century Green Hussars coat was held together by thread and had seen better days, As he was getting married this year, he ordered a exact copy and added some trousers to match. Once the wedding is over, Toms plans to wear the jacket in place of the old one on stage. Tom said - Fantastic job Steve, brilliant fits like a glove! We'll send some photos of it on our wedding day! Many thanks Tom
Royal Artillery Jacket – Cate has been looking for a fashionable military style jacket but not specific to any current regiment. A bit of a bargain hunter, she found our jacket though our EBay auction. Cate said - I just received my jacket....from the UK (to USA) in less than 4 days! I couldn't believe it arrived so quickly. I want to thank you for putting this jacket up for auction. I probably wouldn't have it otherwise. It is well worth every cent on "buy it now", but the economy is so bad here in the states, I wouldn't have spent that much at this time. The quality is exceptional and you can trust I will leave a rave review on eBay for you. I will continue to monitor your site for those auctions. By chance, do you do the 95th Rifle jacket? The one that Richard Sharpe wears in Sharpe's Rifles? Deep forest green w/ black braid. Again, thank you. Very impressive workmanship
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